Why cleaning is good for the mind, body and soul

Are you one of those people that just can’t get themselves to start working unless their space is clean and orderly? Or are you part of the group who have its own order in chaos? 

These two types of people might seem polar opposites, but they’re tied together by this one crucial thing: cleaning.

Either way, cleaning does wonders for both kinds of people (because cleaning your chaos is essential too) on a spiritual, physical and conscious level. 

Yes, cleaning is instantly associated with boredom and weariness, being regarded only as a chore, but that’s just because we overlook all the benefits and good parts. And there are many!

Let’s start with the great impact cleaning has on the mind. 

On a subconscious level, clutter means unfinished tasks, which automatically creates feelings of guilt and overwhelm. Oh no! You have so much left to do that you decide to do nothing. All this subtle anxiety pushes people further into unhealthy, avoiding coping mechanisms like binge eating junk food. 

On another hand, cleaning brings satisfaction, and makes you proud of yourself for accomplishing tasks. In contrast with the last paragraph, this gives people more energy to preserve a productive and clean lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for a healthy way to cope with anxiety, depression and other mental issues, just give cleaning the chance it deserves.

Clutter also overstimulates us visually, hence the tiredness and distraction we experience when surrounded by it. Cleaning improves concentration and keeps us organised, so we know where everything is. This gives a sense of control over the environment, empowering us to do great, constant work.

Cleaning for your body

On a physical level, cleaning implies moving your body. Yay! Endorphins! Plus, there’s no denying that this activity is a whole workout itself. Lose weight and get those muscles toned in the comfort of your own home.

Keeping bacteria away and preventing diseases is one of the first benefits on cleaning that comes to mind, right? Not only you’re preserving your body’s health, but also your wallet’s! Medication is really expensive these days.

A clean environment encourages a clean diet, as shown by a study by the American Psychological Association. People with a tidy desk would mainly choose an apple as a snack instead of a chocolate bar. Clean inside and outside!

If you’re battling insomnia, make sure you have cleanliness as your ally. Going to bed with clean, neat sheets in a room where everything is in place makes it easier to fall asleep. Everything is in order, and the next day awaits you with fewer tasks on your to-do list. Your mind relaxes, so your body gets the rest it requires.

Your soul also benefits from cleaning.

Tidying the house makes space for spiritual growth. According to Buddhist beliefs, cleaning is a spiritual experience. By clearing the world around us, we get in the habit of keeping everything clean, including our minds and souls.

Also, when we get involved in decluttering and scrubbing our environment requires our attention, so we get grounded in the present moment. It’s an easy way to achieve mindfulness and focus consciously on the present. 

If you practice yoga, you can experience the tie between cleaning and spirituality even more. There are 5 Niyamas – practices to increase happiness and self-confidence daily. And the very first one is called Shaucha, meaning self-purification. The third one is Tapas – self-discipline. Whether it’s cleaning your yoga mat after practice or preparing yourself a healthy, nourishing meal, you can feel the purification in your soul.

Our souls are in constant relation to the world around us. So being responsible for the environment and helping keep it clean takes our souls to a higher level. Try our sustainable cleaning products at Island Life to keep your mind, spirit, body, house and world clean!

Do you still regard cleaning as a boring chore, or do you feel it’s more than that?

Next time you clean, try to embrace its benefits! Where do you feel them? In your mind, body or soul. Shop Island Life cleaning products today! 

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