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    About our product

    We have taken the active ingredient of cleaning products and dehydrated them, all you have to do is add water at home. Our LIFE bottles are designed to be used again and again, while our subscription option means you will never run out of refills, all the while saving you time, space and money.

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    sustainable living

    Island Life is a purpose-driven local brand tackling the plastic problem in Hong Kong.



    Our products are non-toxic, gentle on the skin and vegan.



    Each tab will transform into a ceaning solution or hand soap with 500ml of warm water!

Out Story

Our Story

The story of Island life begins like many things do, over a drink. Noticing refilled hand soap and dish soap on Kevin's sink, Sunny and Kevin's evening discussion centred on the merits of refill stores in Hong Kong. Citing the lack of convenient and economical options in the current market, the team started devising a plan for a milk crate delivery system for refill goods. Given the intensity of the logistics and high costs however, the idea was quickly shelved.

Upon further research into household products, we discovered that many of them have a very high water content. With our new found knowledge, we were driven to find products that can significantly reduce household plastic usage, and that can be made available to anyone with a water tap at home with a price point that is reachable for the majority of our society. Thus, the refillution was born.

Our Products

Ultimately, we need to work towards a more circular economy where we use everything we re-use more and throw away less. Something simple such as refusing a plastic bag at the supermarket or not buying that disposable cutlery for your party, can make a huge difference.

It can be hard to see the big picture when it feels like it is only you making these small changes, or that one plastic bag isn’t going to matter, but we can all make a difference. Environmental benefits aside, you may find it extremely empowering!

Our Mission

Our Mission

In our consumption-filled world, avoiding plastic can be pretty challenging. However, finding alternatives to everyday items like plastic bottles and packaging is becoming increasingly accessible—and not a moment too soon for our rubbish-choked planet. According to WWF Hong Kong, about 80% of the city's marine litter is plastic, especially disposable plastic bottles, bags, and packaging material with just 13.5% of this recovered for recycling.
To help tackle the problem, we have taken up the battle with household cleaning.

Island Life's mission is to reduce plastic in our lives by offering sustainable alternatives to everyday household goods. Our LIFE bottles are designed to be used again and again, while our subscription option means you will never run out of refills, all the while saving you time, space and money.

We want to increase eco-friendly products' availability and make them a viable alternative over plastic or non-sustainable commodities. Old habits die hard, so we strive to make the transition to plastic free living economical, convenient and without compromising on quality or performance.

Our Brand Story

Do you recognize the islands in Hong Kong? Most of the graphic elements of Island Life are based on this basic shapes of islands in Hong Kong. Each of them has a special personality and they are used and combined freely to create interesting shapes and color combinations

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