Who is your cleaning alter ego?

We've all got our way of doing things when it comes to cleaning. Some like it sparkling others prefer to operate as a hot mess. Whether you let your clean freak flag fly or the dust bunny is one of your best friends, your cleaning alter-ego exists. What character are you when it comes to cleaning?

1. Garfield ( The Procrastinator) 

"I've been meaning to clean this!" something you've said too many times. You've probably got piles of mail on benchtops and the full bin to the brim. Let me guess, you probably also hate Mondays? 

2. Adrian Monk ( The OCD Cleaner) 

Adrian Monk Photo: Monk | Monk tv show, Adrian monk, Detective monk

You probably can't concentrate on anything if something is out of order. You like things to be done a very particular way and won't rest until it has been put back into place. Compulsive cleaning is often related to fears of contamination, and compulsive arranging can be caused by a need for symmetry and balance.

3. Cinderella (The People Pleaser)

Although Cinderella did not like cleaning around the house, especially since she was the only one to do it, she did it anyway. Cinderella did what she had to do to make sure that her stepmother and stepsisters were happy.

4. Monica Geller (The Clean Freak)

23 Signs You Might Be A Neat Freak | Monica geller, Friends in love, Friends  tv show

You are obsessed with cleaning. Your home is immaculate, you love to organise, and there is zero clutter or dust on bench tops or on shelves. You might even have dedicated rooms no one can use because they have to stay clean (yes, this is really a thing). Your worst nightmare would be dirty washing or dishes out in the open.

5. The Little Mermaid (The Hoarder)

What the Little Mermaid Can Teach Us About Life | by Isabel Hazan | Mind  Cafe | Medium

You've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, you've got whozits and whatzits galore! Your wardrobe is full to the brink and you refuse to throw anything away because they "might need it someday." You've got no time to clean because you tend to work a lot. 

6. Mr. Messy (The Mess)

You're a mess. Mr. Messy lives in a house with broken windows, paint that is peeling off, missing tiles from the roof, and a dirty garden. Your daily routine involves being messy. But the lovely thing about Mr Messy is he meets Mr Tidy and Mr Clean, who inspire him to change his ways!

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