Our 10 tips for a plastic free Christmas

It’s easy to get carried away when celebrating the festive season and the most wonderful time of the year can easily turn into one of the most wasteful periods. But the planet doesn’t have to suffer if all of us can take small steps to have a sustainable, more eco-friendly Christmas together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Eco-friendly Christmas tree 

Many people think that fake trees are more eco-friendly as they can be reused year after year, but actually, the more sustainable option is going with a live tree. Plastic trees are made of PVC and use up resources in both manufacturing and shipping, whilst live trees are renewable, easily recycled into mulch and contribute to air quality while growing. They are also grown locally and give off the scent of Christmas. XmasTreeOnline.hk has everyone talking since they focus on high-quality trees produced from environmentally friendly farms in the United States of America. This season, buyers can choose from a greater choice of trees, including Noble, Nordmann, and Douglas Fir. This alternative is a favourite due to its amazing options, eco-friendliness, ease of online buying, doorstep delivery, and removal service. Price ranges from HK$500 to HK$1000. 

2. Eco-Friendly wrapping

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the impact of what we’re actually wrapping our gifts in – and what happens to it after. Grab yourself some eco-friendly paper tape. Pick up some recyclable brown paper instead of the laminated Christmas paper this year; it’ll look much classier than the cartoon-printed supermarket rolls, anyway. You can visit slowood.hk to order sustainable wrapping products for your Christmas.

3. Battery-free gifts


Did you know that 40 percent of all battery sales occur during the holiday season? That little robot dog may be fun for a week or two, but keep in mind that it needs plenty of batteries to run and that discarded batteries are an environmental hazard. Choose a naturally-powered toy instead.

4. Decorations

Whether its tinsel, baubles or giant Santa cut-outs, it’s hard to avoid plastic when it comes to decorating your house – but it can be done. Easy swaps could include making paper chains (or stringing together popcorn and cranberries) in place of tinsel, painting pine cones for baubles or even making salt dough decorations that can be used year after year.

5. Presents

Think quality, not quantity. Maybe introduce shared gift lists and secret Santa’s to encourage everyone to buy less and to help save on unwanted items. Consider what gifts are made of, who by and where – aim to buy presents that are produced ethically, sustainably and here in Hong Kong wherever possible. And shop independently if you can. Cut back on plastic toys or switch to those made from recycled materials, wood and so on. Ditch big brand toiletries in favour of more eco-friendly alternatives. And give homemade gifts, experiences or your time in place of ‘things’.

Visit the following websites to grab your eco-friendly gifts:

    6. Plastic-free crackers

    Again, you could opt to avoid crackers completely or, again, why not make your own, reusable, ones? If you do decide to buy some, try to ensure that they are both recycled and recyclable and free of plastic toys. Order now on Etsy! 

    7. Drinks 

    Perhaps unexpectedly, bottle tops and screw caps typically feature an interior plastic seal. Purchase corked wine bottles. According to the WWF, the cork oak used in wine stoppers is fully sustainable-no trees are taken down. Purchase beer cans in cartons to avoid the odious six-pack plastic rings. If you truly believe in doing things in half, how about purchasing a returnable keg from your neighbourhood pub?

    8. Christmas meals

    Can you buy your meat unwrapped from a local butcher, and your vegetables loose from a local greengrocer, farm shop or certain supermarkets? Wherever possible, aim to avoid unnecessary packaging and only buy and prepare what you really need to avoid food waste. Or give a vegetarian or vegan Christmas a go. If you are ordering food be sure to ask your caterer if they use plastic-free packaging before you order. 

    9. Send an ecard

    This year, make your Christmas even more sustainable by sending ecards to your friends. It's quick and simple - simply select a design and customise your message. You can send immediately or plan a message to be sent at a certain time and date.  

    10. Have a plastic-free clean up

    This list wouldn't be complete if we didn't promote our refill tablets and sturdy reusable bottles. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or cleaning up after Christmas drinks - our products are your plastic free solution. 

    Island Life Hong Kong