Join the 2022 Island Life refillution resolution

A lot of people look at New Year’s as a time to make changes and aspire to do better and be better. The “new year, new me!” mantra we tell ourselves. Want the cold hard truth? Studies have shown that most people don't make it past the of 19th January, yikes. Although maybe we didn't need to tell you that...we understand it's hard to keep goals, especially when it has been a rough two years. For 2022, Island Life is here to help you live your best life, and stick to that New Year’s resolution.

Change starts at home. Literally. Your 2022 Island Life resolution is to reduce and reuse plastic at home.

The Island Life refillution resolution:

Our products are an innovative way to reuse and reduce plastic at home, or at work. Most people throw away their plastic bottles of hand wash, detergents and surface cleaners. Not us. We can save hundreds of plastic bottles form ending up in Hong Kong's overfilling landfills (or worse the ocean!) if we just save the plastic bottles, clean them and refill them up again and again.

The best thing about our Island Life refillution resolution is that with our subscription service you won't even need to try that hard to keep your goal for the year. Every few weeks, you'll receive the
 refill tabs every at your doorstep. This means that come January 19th you'll still be living true to your New Year's resolution. WOOHOO!!

Recycling has been sold to us as the solution to the plastic problem, but it is not the answer. Reducing, reusing and refusing to buy new plastic items is actually the only way we will reduce waste and help the environment. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up to our refill subscription today! 


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